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Get to know people and build relationships at their monthly Meet & Booze, join them on Kings day during their epic tour through the canals of Amsterdam, explore Berlin with your fellow students, discover the city during the largest student Pub Crawl in Amsterdam, attend Masterclasses by the best professionals in the field for free; enrich your student life. A diverse group of people, good conversations, fun activities and of course beer are the right ingredients for creating the best memories during your studies. SSIBS organises a wide variety of events like monthly Meet & Boozes, the Kingsday Boat Tours, Galas, PubCrawls, cultural and city trips. Their member base is 50% local students and 50% foreign students!

Their department’s

The Social department’s main goal is to make everyone feel welcome and able to connect with others; friendships will be made! The main goal of the Academic Committee of SSIBS is to create a connection between students and the real business world. Various programs and events organized by the members of the Academic Committee give the student an insight into different industries and companies, which makes them more aware of their interests and passions. The students get a chance to ask industry related and personal questions to guest speakers, which have a diverse professional background, or to interns, who can share their job seeking experiences with the students.

We believe that it is important to get an insight from the real business world on the early educational stages, in order to make better educational choices (i.e. electives, minor, internship) and to be a qualified professional after graduation. And we are passionate about giving the students an opportunity to connect with people who share similar values and interests, to build an extensive network and, what is more important, to understand what it is that they want in their professional career.

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Amsterdam School of International Business

SSIBS is the Student Society of the Amsterdam School of International Business

Social Events

The Social Department organises the most epic social events, such as a King’s day boat tour!

Budy Program

SSIBS has organized a buddy program. The buddy will assist the international and exchange students in their journey to Amsterdam.


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